Ryan Petris


I released a small project this morning, Disposamail, which I created between last night and this morning. Disposamail is a web application that allows you to grab a temporary email address and use that address while you’re still on the Disposamail website. Once you leave the website, the address is released, the mail server stops accepting mail for the address, and any emails that were received are lost forever.

Disposamail is written in Node.js and uses several third-party modules that provide a lot of the functionality:

  • Haraka – Haraka is an SMTP server with an extensive plugin architecture which ultimately made this entire project possible.
  • socket.io – socket.io makes sending data between the server and the client easy, using the best method possible.
  • MailParser – Used for parsing raw emails into its various parts.
  • Phonetic – Generates phonetic names for easy to remember email addresses.
  • forever – Making it easy to keep a Node.js script running in the event something bad happens.

The best part of this project, though, is that I’ve released the code under the AGPL. You can checkout the code on GitLab.

Update: Disposamail can now handle attachments!