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  • Comcast Data Caps

    I received this email from Comcast yesterday:

  • Minecraft Server Installer

    Last night, I wrote a script to install the Spigot Minecraft server on a server (or desktop) running CentOS 6. It will install all dependencies on a fresh installation as well as creating a user to isolate the server and setup monitoring with monit, and automatically start the server. This is ideal if you wanted to setup a server from a fresh virtual machine from a VPS provider.

  • Updating Postfix Aliases from Horde

    Last week, I setup my own mail server using Postfix, Dovecot, and Horde. The only problem I have with this setup is there’s no way to update Postfix’s aliases directly from Horde. This may not really seem like a problem, however I have several email addresses with new addresses being created all the time for email forwarding, etc., so that I can stop mail from being delivered by removing an email address from the aliases file should I somehow lose control of the original email address. To solve this problem, I wrote a script that would pull all horde identities and email aliases and use those to populate the virtual alias maps file.

  • DNS

    I setup 4 DNS servers on Monday using RamNode and BuyVM, and have been monitoring the performance of them since then. I am running PowerDNS with MySQL backends, replicated from the Atlanta node to all other nodes using MySQL master-slave replication. Additionally, the Atlanta node is running Poweradmin.

  • Why I Dislike GitHub

    GitHub is an awesome place to share source code with others. They have a great UI, free repositories, a good social aspect, and even a place for private projects in exchange for a pittance. They seem to have taken over the open-source code-hosting industry, for the most part, and left others such as Gitorious in the dust. They even push you to choose an open source license for your project, and have a tool to help you decide which license to use.

  • Java Updates and

  • Verizon Galaxy Note 2 - CyanogenMod

    I managed to get CyanogenMod installed on my Verizon Galaxy Note 2 after several hours of searching, downloading, and installing. There were a few things that didn’t work right with the stock ROM which were bothering me, such as voice dialing when the screen is locked (S Voice won’t work unless the screen is unlocked, and Google Voice Dialer stopped recognizing commands through my headset), random soft reboots, and more.

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