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  • Why I Use Linux

    For the last 15 years I have been flopping between Linux and MacOS as my primary desktop; whenever I owned a PC I would run Linux, and whenever I owned a Mac I would run MacOS. As long as I was running some form of a Unix-like operating system I was a happy camper. However, even when I was running MacOS on my primary machine, I still had Linux machines somewhere; either for hosting websites or on other computers in the house, Linux was somewhere and I was constantly learning on it.

  • Goodbye, Mandrill

    I received the following email from Mandrill yesterday which unfortunately means that I will have to discontinue my usage of Mandrill for sending and receiving email. Specifically, I am currently using a free Mandrill account as the incoming email provider for Disposamail, and continuing my usage of Mandrill is not worth $20 per month for a paid MailChimp account. I will therefore have to revert to an older version of Disposamail which uses Haraka and update it to match the functionality of the Mandrill version.

  • Baofeng Interface

  • The Baofeng Mystery

    BF-F9 V2+ (left) and BF-F8HP (right)

  • Account Locked - Action Needed

  • Disposamail

    I released a small project this morning, Disposamail, which I created between last night and this morning. Disposamail is a web application that allows you to grab a temporary email address and use that address while you’re still on the Disposamail website. Once you leave the website, the address is released, the mail server stops accepting mail for the address, and any emails that were received are lost forever.

  • Verizon Email API Vulnerability

    A critical vulnerability has been found in Verizon’s email API which basically allows any user to access any other user’s email, given they know how to properly send the requests to Verizon’s server. Randy Westergren noticed this vulnerability when he was proxying requests from his device (presumably to see what some apps were sending to their motherships) and found his Verizon user id within the request headers. By changing his user id to the user id of another user, the server responded with that user’s information.

  • CyanogenMod 11

    CyanogenMod has been working on version 11, KitKat, for almost a year now, and decided that it was probably stable enough to use day-to-day. Therefore, my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note II) got upgraded to CyanogenMod 11 M9 a few days ago.

  • Comcast Data Caps - Part 2

    I received the following email from Comcast on December 20th:

  • Multicraft Backups

    I don’t really like the way Multicraft handles backups. If you’re using a non-official server such as Bukkit or Spigot, and use a plugin that allows you to have multiple worlds (such as Multiverse), then Multicraft can’t handle backups of those worlds. Additionally, even if you allow Multicraft to backup all your Minecraft servers, those backups are still sitting in the individual server directories.

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