Ryan Petris

Memoir Series

Today I become 35 years of age, and finally for the first time in my life I feel like I've made it, that I've accomplished the "American Dream". I've been through a lot in my adult life, as I've taken a fairly atypical path, and I'd like to share how I made it through several distinct times.

As a small preview, this is a short timeline of the time periods I'll be covering in this series:

  • Joined the Air Force at 17
  • Got married at 19
  • Had a child at 21
  • Worked at AutoZone for a couple of years
  • Became a software developer at 23
  • Graduated from college at 24
  • Bankrupt at 28
  • Bought first house at 34

Just to put this timeline into perspective, when this story begins smartphones were not a thing, Apple was still using PowerPC processors in their computers, George W. Bush was president, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not yet Governor of California, BitCoin did not exist, and the Pentium 4 was the processor of the day for PCs.

I look forward to reminiscing on my past, and I hope you'll enjoy reading about it.