Spotify Luncy

Ever need to update your family plan address with Spotify, or simply enter incorrect information when signing up? Have no fear, they make you jump through hoops.

I tried signing up for a Spotify family plan because I wanted to get rid of Google Music, however I made a simple mistake. After signing up, they have you enter your name and address for the family account, and I accidentally put my wife’s name in there because I thought it was for an invite. I realized this was incorrect afterwards when I noticed that she wasn’t in the list of invitees, so I began searching for a way to fix this. I ran across this support page where they say that you need to contact support, implying that support can change this information.

As it turns out, that’s not the case. You’ll need to create a new account and support needs to migrate your music collection. Because, you know, why have one account when you can have two? Anyway, here’s the resulting conversation.

Spotify, you really need to fix this. Making your customers jump through hoops to do something simple like changing your address should be easy. And don’t give me the TOS BS because it says nothing about having to create a new account — and moving, together, all at the same time, is generally what families do, and you should support that without having to jump through massive hoops.

If you know of any good alternatives to Google Music and Spotify, please let me know. I still want to ditch Google Music because that was the whole point of this to begin with.

P.S. Arvin was nice about this and this is not a complaint about him. This is a complaint about Spotify’s “solution” on the matter.

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