Fry’s Electronics Bag Policy

Today I tried to go to the Duluth Fry’s Electronics store and was not let in because of my bag. I refused to leave my bag in the car or check it, and thus my only other option was to leave and find somewhere else to shop. I found what I needed at Micro Center, which I highly recommend over Fry’s Electronics. While they have a smaller selection of electronics parts, you won’t be treated like a criminal as soon as you walk in the door.

Update: I received a reply from John McGuffin, District Manager, indicating that the intent of their policy is not to deny people carrying bags from entering the sales floor. See the full reply below my initial email.

Here is the email I sent to their President, Randy Fry, and their Director of Operations, Ken Lutz:

Good afternoon,

I attempted to enter a Fry’s Electronics store around 11am today, June 11th, and I was essentially denied entry as I would not submit to the “bag policy”. Per the person standing at the entryway, bags and backpacks are not allowed in the store, and my bag would have either have had to be left in my car or would need to be checked while I was in the store. As I was not going to do either of those, I chose my only other option: to leave the store and deny Fry’s Electronics access to my wallet.

The particular store I am referring to is at the following address:

3296 Commerce Ave NW
Duluth, GA 30096

I have been shopping at this store for at least the last four years, and up until a few months ago I have had no issue bringing my bag into the store while shopping. A few months ago, I was asked if I needed anything tagged in my bag; the person explained (which was the same person at the door today) that if I were going to be removing anything from my bag while in the store then it would need to be tagged so that employees would know that it was something I brought in with me. I declined and my bag stayed closed while I was in the store (as it was going to, anyway), which I feel is an acceptable compromise. Today, however, I was told that I could not bring in the bag at all. The only question that I would have liked to ask while I was in the store, but didn’t think it through enough at the time, would be: If I were a woman, and I was carrying a “purse” of comparable size, would I still have to submit to the bag policy? If the answer is “no”, then this policy is clearly sexist and needs to be changed.

Regardless of what the answer is, however, please note that I will not set foot in any of your stores or order from your website, and I will make sure that everyone that I interact with knows that there are other alternatives for procuring electronics and electronic parts, until this policy is changed. I would much rather go to a Micro Center (which is about a mile down the street from this location) or order what I need online at stores such as DigiKey, Element14, Adafruit, etc., even if I have to pay a higher price and shipping, than to be treated like a criminal in a Fry’s Electronics store.

I did find what I needed at Micro Center, and not a single person batted an eye or asked any questions about my bag; I was happy to be able to shop there and not be treated like a criminal at the door.

Thank you and have a good day.

Reply from John McGuffin, District Manager:

Mr. Petris,

I’d like to apologize for your experience at our Duluth store today. I have spoken with the Store Manager (Paz Patel, copied on this email), who will identify the associate you interacted with and correct this misunderstanding of our policies, as it is not intended to deny someone entry to the sales floor if they are carrying a bag. Mr. Patel will be personally speaking with all associates at the Duluth location that work in the front of the store to make certain our expectations of your shopping experience are understood, and policies followed correctly.

Thank you for your feedback, and again I apologize for your experience today. If you would like to discuss this further, please provide me with a contact number and good time for us to speak. If not, you have provided enough information that the issue can and will be addressed.

If you need assistance with anything in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or Paz.

John McGuffin
District Manager
Fry’s Electronics

I’ll update this article with my experience once I visit this Fry’s location again.

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