Stubby Antennas

Radios with Stubby Antennas
Radios with Stubby Antennas

Recently I’ve switched from using long-ish, better-than-stock antennas on my HTs to short stubby antennas which are more convenient for carrying them around. Specifically, I was using the Diamond SRH-519, which is advertised as having +3db gain over stock antennas, while the new antennas are the Maldol MH-209SMA for radios which use normal SMA-male antennas, and the Comet SMA-209J for my Baofeng which uses the odd SMA-female antennas.

From my non-scientific tests within the perimeter of Atlanta, they appear to perform just as well as the stock and long antennas that I was using, at least while using repeaters that are located within the perimeter; I have been able to access every repeater that I would be able to with the long antennas from any location which I would normally use my HTs.

I do keep my other antennas in my bag in the event I need a better antenna for any reason, however over the last month or so I have yet to need them. At the moment, the convenience of short antennas overpower the usefulness of higher gain antennas.

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