Goodbye, Mandrill

I received the following email from Mandrill yesterday which unfortunately means that I will have to discontinue my usage of Mandrill for sending and receiving email. Specifically, I am currently using a free Mandrill account as the incoming email provider for Disposamail, and continuing my usage of Mandrill is not worth $20 per month for a paid MailChimp account. I will therefore have to revert to an older version of Disposamail which uses Haraka and update it to match the functionality of the Mandrill version.

I’ve also been wanting to update Disposamail to use Angular and this is a great opportunity to do so.

Update (3/10): Disposamail has been updated to receive and process raw email bodies from an external service such as postfix and no longer relies on Mandrill.

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Stubby Antennas

Radios with Stubby Antennas
Radios with Stubby Antennas

Recently I’ve switched from using long-ish, better-than-stock antennas on my HTs to short stubby antennas which are more convenient for carrying them around. Specifically, I was using the Diamond SRH-519, which is advertised as having +3db gain over stock antennas, while the new antennas are the Maldol MH-209SMA for radios which use normal SMA-male antennas, and the Comet SMA-209J for my Baofeng which uses the odd SMA-female antennas.

From my non-scientific tests within the perimeter of Atlanta, they appear to perform just as well as the stock and long antennas that I was using, at least while using repeaters that are located within the perimeter; I have been able to access every repeater that I would be able to with the long antennas from any location which I would normally use my HTs.

I do keep my other antennas in my bag in the event I need a better antenna for any reason, however over the last month or so I have yet to need them. At the moment, the convenience of short antennas overpower the usefulness of higher gain antennas.